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Music Meditation

The power of music is demonstrated all around us, and can trigger a wide spectrum of emotions in the human mind. As a child, I remember how playing random notes, sitting at a piano with my brother and sister, created...

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Art is Music & NOT What the Industry Conditions Listeners to Accept

Over twenty years later, publicists routinely market artists to convince the public on their behalf. A major artist’s marketing campaign is designed to gain them publicity, generating sales for their product and sponsors. Rap, being under hip-hop music’s umbrella, seems...

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Remove the Music

Words are the basic element of language and poetry. I always found it ironic that hip-hop/rap musicians claim to have mastered their craft without a passion for language. The master of ceremony, an emcee, is supposed to have the ability to...

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Mentally Stimulating Hip Hop


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Brick Records

Brick Records: Not Giving AF Since 1996 BRK 000 God Complex Bust My Style/Seek & Destroy 7BRK 001 Various Artists Respect Due 7BRK 002 AOI/God Complex Verbal Gymnastics/Strontium 90 12BRK 003 Various Artists Rebel Alliance LPBRK 004 7L & Esoteric Protocol/Touch...

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