Night Ship Delivery

Night Ship Delivery

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Released: 10/5/2005



- Vol 1.2 [written on the back and side]

16 days presented by Insight  [written on back]

Each instrumental documents the machine used and the year it was originally produced. Art by Andre Todman (Insight).
Only 1000 copies were pressed on vinyl.

Track listing Side A

day 1 The Damage Survey (EMU SP12 Turbo & Akai S1000 2002)

day 2 Stand and Deliver (Akai MPC 3000 2004)

day 3 Map the Plan (Akai MPC3000 2004)

day 4 First attempt of Status (Akai MPC 3000 2003)

day 5 Raw Theory (Akai MPC 2000xl 2002)

day 6 Live for the Wise (Akai MPC 3000 2004)

day 7 The 7th Stop (Akai MPC 3000 2004)

day 8 See Better Days (MPC 3000 2004) feat Insight (A. Todman) & Sondu (J.Tagelary)

Track listing Side B

day 9 Yesterdays News (Akai S100+SP12 1999)

day10 The Wind Blowing (Akai MPC 3000 2004)

day11 Dangerous Waves (Akai MPC 3000 2004)

day12 Smooth Horns (Emu SP 1200 1994)

day13 Usual Scene (Akai MPC 3000 2003)

day14 Notebooks (Akai MPC 2000XL 2002)

day15 Suspense (Akai MPC 3000 2003)

day16 Inventors unused Instro (MPC 3000 2004) 

late night delivery (Sp12 Turbo+ Akai S1000 1998)

CREDITS [written on back]

Two weeks of writing tools.


produced by insight (A. Todman) for Last Arc (

and Spilled Acid Productions

Label: Brick Records