Art is Music & NOT What the Industry Conditions Listeners to Accept

By Andre Todman

Over twenty years later, publicists routinely market artists to convince the public on their behalf. A major artist’s marketing campaign is designed to gain them publicity, generating sales for their product and sponsors. Rap, being under hip-hop music’s umbrella, seems to contradict its early spirit. In a genre driven on word rhymes, the term, poet is less marketed less than aggressive influence to build reputation. Many young listeners who become artists may recognize this as an opportunity to become characters depicted in their favorite songs. Although image may sell records, in a timeless universe, quality music matters more. After all, no matter when it was made, even if by unknown artists, you’ll know a good song when you hear one.

Sure one can argue that some artists are responsible for further damaging hip hop’s true essence, but what about the companies financing the million dollar campaigns? Who will they sign next? It seems that there will always be a new extremes set, pushing limits in any direction as long as revenues increase.  Some music industry executives justify marketing violence by saying it’s just entertainment. It’s up to the songwriter, where they draw the line between creativity and music business. The intentions behind a product and a good song can be different but I believe that it’s up to each artist to decide how their inner expressions are reflected.


Andre Todman


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