Remove the Music

De Andre Todman

Words are the basic element of language and poetry. I always found it ironic that hip-hop/rap musicians claim to have mastered their craft without a passion for language. The master of ceremony, an emcee, is supposed to have the ability to control crowds (Move The Crowd -Rakim). To do that, one must master language and understand the connotations of his or her choice of words on the intended audience. When an emcee enters a stage, he or she should get a sense of the audience to approach the stage appropriately.  Artists who can’t do this are usually considered to be “whacked”, lacking fundamental skills. This usually happens in a “hip-hop” or “rap” setting, where image, and ignorance is marketed rather than “passion for language, poetry and music.” I love the potential of hip hop/rap artistry, and I choose not tinker with matters based on fake music business connections, egos, stereotypes. My perspective that music is art means that Insight may not be on on a pop chart or with the “in crowd. Though its essence is as pure as poetry and it’s culture has unified youth worldwide, the misunderstanding of its fundamentals slows its acceptance on an academic level. The greatest speakers were emcees including Gahndi, Jesus, Mohamed, Martin Luther King, Malcolm X. Though this may not make them hip-hop artists, no one can deny that they have moved more crowds than any hip-hop artist so far; they moved the world. The lesson to be learned here is that hip-hop/rap genre still has much room to grow, but the forum must expand.  Although creative writing may not be easily embraced in major markets, I encourage artists to be themselves instead of trying to fit into what seems to be standard in this industry.  Hip-hip/rap has been hijacked to the point where it’s nothing more than shoes to match a new jacket; it’s jewelry or an expensive watch. That’s not to say I don’t like commercial music. Of coarse some of the most talented rappers are mainstream. There is just no balance on a major level to reflect the talented artists that I see and the demand for it. Where does the passionate writer fit in? I think I found an answer by removing the music. The next time you watch a music video, mute the volume to get an idea what point is being made.  Read lyrics or listen to the cappella of your favorite song. Experience the artists creative writing and embrace the true essence of it’s poetic innocence.

Andre Todman


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  • Words of wisdom and understanding.
    Beautiful. Thank u. Much love, insight.

    Enrique le

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